Jennifer Harris, President & C.E.O.


Jenny joined AmHydro in 2011. Her insanely impressive business acumen coupled with her passion for transforming and localizing food production through hydroponics is the driving force for AmHydro. As the new owner and President of AmHydro, Jenny’s drive to grow the business and her vision to “change the world with our products and knowledge” has never been stronger. Read More

Joseph Swartz, Vice President Sales


It’s this simple. Joe is a master Hydroponics farmer. He’s logged over 49,000 hours of greenhouse production time. For those of you who don’t want to do the math, that’s more than 28 years of experience. Joe’s expertise in commercial production is augmented by his marketing chops - a killer combination that he uses operating a year-round, pesticide free, hydroponic vegetable and herb farm. This isn’t just any farm. In 1986, Joe designed and built a 4,390 square foot NFT hydroponic system, growing lettuce and herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and specialty cucumbers. Read More

Michael Christian – Co-Founder, American Hydroponics


We like to call Michael a “hydroponic wizard.” His passion and experience in growing and developing new technologies is why American Hydroponics is the industry leader in productivity and service. Read More

Eric Christian – System Design Specialist


For Eric Christian, growing and hydroponics is in his blood. He's what we like to call the "allrounder." He has learned everything there is to know about design, research, and growing from the best in the business - Read More

Rudy Clark-Luera – Commercial Sales and Support


Rudy Clark-Luera is our Commercial Sales and Support expert, he is the "real deal" when it comes to specialized knowledge and grower experience. At AmHydro, Rudy is responsible for a wealth of knowledge - he knows the intricacies of our systems, the capabilities of all of our products, and their distinct functions that make any grower succeed. Read More

Scott Kornberg (1957-2015)

Former President

Scott was dedicated to his family, his community, and to truly changing the world with hydroponics. He was an integral part of our shared AmHydro vision, “to use our systems and our knowledge to change the world.” This vision is something the AmHydro team is committed to and will continue to strive for.