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GroClean Polyethylene NFT Channel

finishing channel thumbPierre Sr on channels thumbAmHydro specializes in reliable Polyethylene NFT growing channels, which is why we recommend our state-of-the-art GroClean™ NFT Channel. This system is a grower's best choice for creating a consistent hydroponic growing system. Its durable strength, ease of cleaning, simple stacking and customizable nature provide the makings of a world-class hydroponic system.

For short channel runs under 16 feet, nothing beats the performance and durability of GroClean™ NFT Channel. Our channel design is the result of working with commercial growers for the past two decades to refine and enhance its many benefits.

nursery channel thumb 


  • Large, round plant site holes for increased aeration and ease of transplanting and harvesting.
  • Thick, high-density polyethylene, designed to endure many years of commercial growing abuse.
  • Flat-bottom with ridges for maximum oxygenation and nutrient tracking.
  • No need for fittings or lipping, making the channel very easy to clean.
  • Easy-to-check nutrient flow of micro tubes at a glance.
  • Strong, parabolic shape for superior rigidity. 
  • Made from 100% virgin, FDA-approved, UV-stabilized, HDPE (high density polyethylene)
  • The only growing channel you can walk on.


  • For increased strength, GroClean channel is made from 100% virgin, FDA-approved HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene -- the same material that milk jugs are made from, only stronger) and is 100% recyclable.
  • GroClean NFT Channel comes with a 10 year warranty
  • GroClean NFT Channel measures 2"x4" and comes in 12' lengths. 
  • Finishing channels have 1.75" holes on 7.75" centers (18 plant sites)
  • Nursery channels  have 1-11/16" holes on 2" centers (72 plant sites)


  • Custom extrusion lengths are avaliable on purchases of 10,000 feet or more.
  • Packaging fees:
    • Our 12' box can fit (14) sticks of channels. Box cost is $15.00.
    • Our custom pallets up to (230) sticks of channel. Pallet cost is $275.00.


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