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AmHydro Pro Module Package

finishing channel thumb...for lettuce, basil, chives, bok choi, arugula, sage, watercress, baby greens, edible flowers, medicinal herbs and many others. 

Our commercial hydroponic systems offer the necessary features to grow on a large scale. Our manufactured Pro Module Packages are designed for easy configuration, planning, purchasing, and implementation.

Each module is configured for placement in an industry-standard 30' x 132' greenhouse but can be used outdoors as well. We have a list of preferred greenhouse manufacturers that we share with you depending on where you're located. This 30'x132' Pro Module System includes:

  • 15,120 plant sites total -- 7,560 finishing sites, 7,560 nursery sites.  At 12 crop turns per year, 1,745 plants per week harvest rate.  At 26 crop turns per year, 3,780 plants per week harvest rate. We teach you how master the art of crop turns.
  • Proprietary Heavy-Duty GroClean™ Channels They are durable one piece 2"x4" flat bottomed extrusions made from FDA approved food grade high density polyethylene (hdpe). They are 12 feet long, easy to handle, easy to stack and very importantly, easy to clean.
  • Complete, Galvanized Table Frames
    Table frames are free standing, light weight and made from strong 1" square galvanized tubing. They are available in (3) lengths; 5', 10', and 20' long, by 12' wide. They arrive with predrilled bolt holes, bolts and braces, user friendly instructions. They are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Exclusive Crop Turn Technology™ (CTT)
    Our NFT system design utilizes a unique growing method that optimizes crop production and rotation. Many of our growers are experiencing between 20-28 crop turns per year. With our system, we teach growers how to achieve this level of production.
  • Efficient Irrigation System
    Each growing module includes a fill manifold  with 1 feeder tube per channel, gate valve, (to regulate nutrient flow) and union (to easily disconnect from system). The drain is a unique covered collector that discourages algae growth, allows easy movement of channels in and out of the system and quick drainage back to the nutrient reservoir.
  • NutriDose Nutrient Controller
    Utilizes in-ground insulated nutrient reservoir that grower supplies controlled with an on-demand Nutridose controller. Includes nutrient stock tanks, pH stock tanks, peristaltic pumps, irrigation pump, float valve and a nutrient aeration device.  The tank and controls are located outside of the greenhouse to maximize growing surface inside.  However, you can choose to locate the tank and controls inside, but you will have to sacrifice 25% of growing surface to do so.
  • Starter Growing Supplies
    Includes 6 months supply of custom nutrient formula based on your crop choice, Oasis propagation cubes, pH adjusters, EC meter, pH meter and propagation trays.
  • Starter Biological Control Package
    Sticky traps, Pyganic, TKO Phosphite, Essential and Companion for basic pest and fungus management and nutrient amendments. Separately, we also have available IPM packages.
  • Nutrient Analysis and Management
    Included with the purchase of the Pro Module system, we analyze your source water and design nutrient specific to your water and crop and recommend water treatment if necessary.
  • "Up-and-Running" Pre-Delivery Site Preparation Guide
    Because there is plenty to do in preparation for delivery of your Pro Module System, we provide you with complete details on how you should prepare your site so that installation goes smoothly.  This is designed to get you up-and-running as quickly and efficiently as possible, with no surprises.
  • AmHydro™ Pro Grower Support
    One of the best features of our systems, you receive our grower support from system installation all the way through your first year with complete package.  This includes exclusive online access to our support team as well as an international network of associates. After the first  year if you continue to buy growing supplies from AmHydro, we will continue to provide growing support.

To price out your own design based on our module specifications, click HERE to go to our store.

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